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May 17, 2012


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complémentaire santé

Thanks, very interesting article, keep up it coming :)


Look in your owner's manual and use wheevtar is recommended.Most likely it will be premium unleaded and the brand really doesn't make much difference.To use a higher octane fuel than is required is simply a waste of money.To use a lower octane than is required can cause engine damage due to detonation of the fuel air mixture in your engine.My recommendation as far as taking good care of your car is simple.Just follow the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual and use the fluid and components recommended.Following the owner's manual directions, you can't go wrong and you can safely ignore any conflicting advice.


Well I assume you have the 3.5 or 3.7 enigne your supposed to use Premium unleaded I would recommend name brand the cheapest price places generally have watered down gas. I run premium in my 04 g35 it runs great tried mid grade it was sluggish and stalled.

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