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July 26, 2012


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Brake squeal may also be due to brake dust. This article makes it sound like all brake squeal is due to worn out pads...


Learnthethingsido:@Tallerico500 Just Engage the break as hard as you can open the MAIN LINE where it connects to the Caliper and then close it rellay quick and tight Keep repaeting that till you get a little fluid that will come out. Then if that dont work Pump the hell out of them and them Engage them HOLD THEM TIGHTLY by squeezing the handle bar or what ever Break lever you have and open it again keep doing that to get all the Air out of the lines. It took me 2 days to figure it out but i got it And you can too


Big Daddy:Did you use the correct DOT reiuqred fluid? how did you bleed, bleeder ball, gravity bleed, etc i would re-bleed ensure the correct fluid. make sure you didnt use an old opened fluid, within a short amount of time, old opened fluid, even if capped off, will suck in water, which will make the brakes spongey.i like to use brand new, then throw out whatever i dont use, so im not tempted to try and use an opened bottle down the road. clean your pads and rotors with brakleen, you probalby leaked some. steel braided lines are a must, at least for the front, good call poster above later dude.

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