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The team here at PumpTalk is thrilled to feature the first of our guest posts by our partner, CAA Ontario (Canadian Automobile Association). We look forward to sharing CAA’s tips for driver safety, automobile maintenance and a variety of other topics with our readers.

Bike Safety Tips for Summer Driving
Photo: CAA Ontario

Motorists and cyclists are equally responsible for keeping each other safe on our roads.

That’s the message being conveyed by CAA this summer. In partnership with a number of stakeholders, CAA has planned various events to help promote safe passage on our roadways whether by bike or car.

As of June 12th this year there had been 208 cyclist-motorist incidents on Toronto streets alone, highlighting the need to remind both groups of how they can adopt safer habits on the roads.

Must-have list for safer driving:
  • Slow down when passing a cyclist and allow one metre clearance
  • Always shoulder check when changing lanes
  • Watch for bikes before exiting your vehicle
  • Always yield to cyclists when you are making a turn

Make sure you cycle safe with these tips:

  • Obey all traffic laws, signs and signals
  • Avoid hazards – stay about one metre from the curb or parked cars
  • Wear a properly sized helmet
  • Make sure your bike is in proper working order — check horn, brakes and reflectors

For more information on road safety, visit www.caasco.com/Auto/Driving-Safely

- CAA Ontario


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Thanks for sharing such type of valuable tips. Hope these tips will help me for my upcoming summer driving.


Thanks for the tips, I can now drive safely.

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