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Get High Octane Performance with Ultra 94 - now in Alberta

Get High Octane Performance with Ultra 94 - now in Alberta

We don't usually talk about Petro-Canada products here on PumpTalk - but for several months, fans of our high performance fuel Ultra 94 have been asking us when Ultra 94 would be available at our stations outside of Ontario.

Well, Alberta drivers, rejoice! Ultra 94's High Octane Performance fuel is now available at select locations across Alberta!

What's the deal with Ultra 94? The number "94" refers to the octane content in the gasoline.

Basically, the higher the octane rating, the better the fuel performs, making Ultra 94 ideal for high performance vehicles. It's popular with both professional racers, like Canadian racing legend and NASCAR driver Ron Fellows, and with performance driving enthusiasts.

Ultra 94's unique performance and higher detergency helps to:

  • Clean your car's fuel injectors - and keep them clean
  • Optimize fuel economy 
  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve the overall performance of your vehicle year-round

To find out if Ultra 94 is available at a station near you, visit our Petro-Canada site locator. We're always adding new sites, so stay tuned.

Whether you're a big performance driving fan or you just want to talk cars with other car lovers, you can connect with other drivers and racing fans on our Ultra 94 Facebook page (English Only). There you can upload photos of your sweet ride, swap stories with other car enthusiasts, get performance driving tips from driving experts, and enter great contests. Become a fan today to keep up on the latest high octane news!

- Rose R.


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