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Fuel Saving Devices - Helpful Gadgets or Mythical Fuel Savers?

Fuel Saving Device
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Saving on fuel is always top of mind for us here at PumpTalk, and I'm sure it is for you too. Over the years we have shared many ways to help you save on fuel, including:

Recently, on a visit to my local automotive store, I came across a range of fuel saving tools that you can buy for your vehicle. I was really surprised to see how many were offered and that they all claimed to dramatically increase fuel efficiency. Could it be true? Slap this device onto your vehicle and miraculously save on fuel? Hmmm…. I was definitely skeptical. I started to look further into this and found that there are hundreds of devices that claim to save on fuel. Many have fancy names, and hefty price tags.

Here are a few interesting types of devices:

  • Intake Vortex: Used to change the airflow into the engine to improve the fuel to air mix ratio
  • Engine Ionizers: Rubber blocks that clip on to your spark plugs and carry the charge from one spark plug to the other non-firing spark plugs. This is essentially causing an intentional crossfire amongst your plugs.
  • Magnets: Attach to the outside of your vehicle's fuel lines and serve to break up any clumped fuel particles to help fuel flow more efficiently.

These are only a few of the interesting gadgets that I came across! I then started sifting through all of the articles and reviews on these devices and it seems that you may not be saving as much as you think.

Check out the write-ups of some of these devices in this Car and Driver article "Fuel-Saving Devices Debunked".

Popular Mechanics also performed reviews on a wide variety of devices.

The bad news is that there are not many items that can save as much fuel as the old fashioned tips and tricks we have been preaching on PumpTalk year after year. So take off those magnets, ionizers and vaporizers and go back to the old tried and tested ways to save on fuel

- Julie S.


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