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The Winter Tire Switch

The Winter Tire Switch
Photo: John Mahler

The weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and it’s time to start thinking about winter tires. Or at least that's what is on our mind at PumpTalk! In Canada, there is only one province that demands winter tires on all vehicles – and that is Quebec.

If you reside in Quebec, while it is not mandatory to have winter tires on your vehicle until December 15th, you should begin thinking about switching over your tires sooner rather than later. And, if you live in other provinces, that doesn't mean you don't need to think about winter tires at all.

Seven is the lucky number for winter tires. When the average temperature is 7 Celsius for the day, winter tires have the same traction as summer tires. As the temperature continues to drop, winter tires begin to increase in traction versus summer tires.

But don’t take our word for it! Head over to the Ultra 94 Facebook page where our resident tire expert John Mahler talks about the latest winter tires that are hitting the market this year: “New Winter Tires by John Mahler

You can also get a bit more background on how Winter Tires work in an earlier post by John Mahler:  “Winter Tires by John Mahler

And if you want to see the theory tested, John shows his stats on stopping with winter versus summer tires here: “Winter Tires Part Two: The Test by John Mahler

When do you plan to switch your summer tires for winter?

- Julie S.


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Winter tyres are beneficial for those driving in very cold conditions.Purchasing tires for winter driving isn't all that expensive, and is certainly cheaper than the cost of a major accident.

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