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Trunk or Treats and Spooky Cars: When Hallowe'en Hits the Road

We found out the hard way (sooo much leftover candy) that kids in our neighbourhood don't trick or treat in our neighbourhood. I don't really know where they go - somewhere with more single family homes and fewer townhouse/condos maybe? But after some keen internet research, I am wondering if maybe they all go to a trunk or treat?

A trunk or treat is a family event usually held by a community centre, school or church. Folks gather in a community centre or school parking lot and pass out candy from their tricked-out trunks. You can pick a fun theme for your car (luau! Star Wars! NASCAR!) and decorate accordingly. It's a great way for the little ones to get together and get some candy in a safe environment and it gives the adults an excuse to dress up both themselves AND their car.

This kid and his dad decorated their car like the Disney movie Cars - very meta.

As much fun as the trunk and treat sounds, it may not be practical, depending on the October weather where you live. But do not despair - you don't have to be attending a trunk or treat to decorate your car for Hallowe'en. You can always give a nod to Hallowe'en by adding pumpkin decals, bat wings or fake cobwebs to your ride. Or you can go hardcore, like these folks:
Alien car

Shark car

Ghostbusters car
Photos: MSN Autos

One final note about cars Hallowe'en - whether you dress up your car or not, be sure to stay alert on the road! Sadly, most kids would rather go as The Dark Knight than as The Neon Avenger Covered in Glowsticks and Reflector Tape. If you're driving on Hallowe'en night, go slowly and in residential neighbourhoods, keep an eye out for kids high on sugar, darting into the street in pursuit of even more Hallowe'en candy.

What are your plans for Hallowe'en? Are you organizing a trunk or treat? Turning your car into a Jack o' Lexus? Or will you be joining me in watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and eating Hallowe'en candy that you "accidentally" bought? Whatever your plans, we here at PumpTalk wish you a safe and happy Hallowe'en!

- Rose R.


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