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The initial purpose of the PumpTalk blog was to provide our readers with information around gas prices and fuel efficiency, but over the last couple of years, we've also been sharing tips on driver safety, vehicle maintenance, industry news and other topics related to driving and Petro-Canada.

Last year we conducted a poll to get your opinion on what are you, our readers, are most interested in seeing more of on PumpTalk - and this year, we're doing it again!

Let us know in the poll below what topics you'd like to see more of on PumpTalk.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!


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I Matts

I would like to make a comment in regards to the level of effort and intensity of gas station attendants pushing for "add ons" at the cash register.
Everyone that enters into a sales oriented arena expects a courtisess enquiry regarding any other items that we may be helped to purchase at that location during our time there with a 'simple , polite' "will that be everything today " or " is there anything else I can help you with" comment from the cashier . .
What I am experiencing at almost all stations that I have entered for the last few months now is outright suggested selling of specific items such as hot drinks , chocolate bars , lottery tickets and so on. Of course it is done with a smile and polite tone but those gracious actions are quickly wearing thin. Its agravating and annoying to know that before you enter the building you will be asaulted with many kind requests to purchase more items prior to handing over your money.
I recognize that it is not within the person behind the counters' control , as they are obviously following direction from the company reps but I have to say that this onslaught of continous 'add on sales' tactics has me often avoiding my local Petro Canada gas station or using my card at the pump , which I don't particularily like to do , Just to avoid the sales pitch.
The last time I was in paying for my gas the clerk, whom I assumed was the manager, politely asked me if I'd like a coffee or a lottery ticket , to which I replied , " you know what , I've have never yet been asked to buy gasoline at TIM HORTONS!!!"
I then softened my tone , and apologized but said I had had enough badgering from Petro Canada clerks trying to selling me stuff and yes I know the coffee is good at their store. I will never ever ever buy anything when someone is suggesting it to me . I will however consider purchasing items of my own free will, when I am NOT ASKED.

Time to tone down the requests for more sales and leave the customer alone....
I used to work in retail , I get it but as one of my retail coworkers experienced after selling $300 of goods in a Footlocker store and politely offering the lady a great value on socks as she carried her purchases towards the exit and having her abruptly make an about face and tell him that she had had enough of his polite helpful "ADD ON SALES" that he couldn't give it up even on the way out the door - she returned the entire purchase and went elsewhere !
If customers are noticing it then its too much!!
I don't like it ! and I tell them at the counter!


Thank you for your comments. We will forward them to the appropriate department.
- The PumpTalk Team

james wang

I would like to know if Petro Canada conducts crude oil international trading, I mean if Petro Canada sell crude oil from canada to the Far East. Thanks

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