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Poll results: Gas prices, vehicle maintenance and fuel efficiency still top your list

Poll Results
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A few weeks ago we conducted our annual poll - checking in with you to see what topics you're interested in us writing about here at PumpTalk.

Our response rate was nearly double that of last year; many thanks to all of you who took the time to vote!

This year, compared to last year, we had a bit of a shake up in the results. Our top six topics that you want to hear about going forward are:

  • Canadian Gas Pricing
  • Fuel efficiency links, articles, tips and tricks
  • Vehicle maintenance tips
  • Information about fuel
  • Driving tips
  • Oil / Energy industry news
"Gas prices and fuel efficiency" were the original focus of PumpTalk, so we see that you want us to hearken a little closer back to our roots. We also thought it was interesting that "Articles and links related to driving" dropped out and "Driving Tips" moved into our top 6. This makes us think that you're all still keen to read about driving, but you want that content short and sweet, tips you can really use.

Finally, "Interesting links, articles and information about your vehicle" was not a priority this year but "Oil/Energy industry news" is. Having a lot of content about the energy industry would be a real change in focus for PumpTalk. However, our sister blog, Oil Sands Question and Response (written by Suncor's corporate communication and sustainability teams) has a lot of information about that topic. We'll continue to share some of their posts here on PumpTalk, but for you hard core energy industry fans, you might want to subscribe to OSQAR.

Thank you again for taking the time to vote! It really helps us know what you're interested in. Oh, and a special shout-out to the one reader who left a write-in comment. He or she didn't leave a comment about what they would like to read, but instead said "good writers". Thank you, dear reader - we appreciate that!

This will be our last update for 2012. Best wishes from all of us at PumpTalk; may you have a safe and happy holiday season and a bright new year. We'll be returning the week of January 7th, 2013. 

- Julie S.


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