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History of Driving in Canada, Part II

Last week, we talked about some of the earliest driving developments in the 20th century - as the 20's came to a close, car sales were booming and the construction of an infrastructure to support these vehicles was in full swing. Gas stations, paved highways, service stations, not to mention motels and truckstop diners, were all created to cater to this new way of traveling.

Once the Great Depression hit in 1929, the impact on driving was huge. Road development pretty much halted and car sales plummeted - which was especially problematic for Canada given that we were the second largest manufacturer of motor vehicles in the world.

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History of Driving in Canada, Part I

As a Canadian history buff and PumpTalk blogger, I'm always interested in stories about Canada's history on the road! So when I came across some fun facts about the history of driving here in Canada I thought I'd share them with our PumpTalk readers.

At the turn of the twentieth century, gasoline powered cars started popping up all over the country, the most common, at first, being the 1903 Canadian-made Le Roy. Ontario was the first province to actually license motor vehicles - the first license plates, issued in 1903, were made of leather with numbers attached. Ontario switched to rubber license plates three years later.

For those trail-blazing early adopters in 1903, auto care was sometimes a challenge. You had to know how to service your own vehicle (because no one else did) and the CAA did not show up when you had a flat on some back country road. You got your gas from the local general store or hardware store and it was a good idea to carry extra, so that you didn't get stranded. Automobiling was definitely a "paddle your own canoe" situation.

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Petro-Points - Now on Facebook

Petro-Points on Facebook

This week marks some exciting news for all you Petro-Points members out there - Petro-Points just launched its new Facebook page!

The Petro-Points Facebook page is a place for Petro-Points members to connect, interact and share tips and experiences. "Like" the page to keep up to date on the latest Petro-Points news, exclusive offers and awesome contests.

What is Petro-Points?

Petro-Points is Petro-Canada’s loyalty program. Just swipe your Petro-Points card to collect points on your fuel, car wash and convenience store purchases and then you can redeem your points for all kinds of rewards, from fuel savings and car wash to travel.

For instance, you can redeem Petro-Points for the Fuel Savings Reward card we feature in our Ways to Save on Fuel infographic.

Not a Petro-Points member yet? It's easy to join. And if you are a member, join us on the Petro-Points Facebook page!

Why Tune-Ups Are Important

Spark Plug
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Around this time of year, my friend Brian conducts what he calls his "Spring Trunk Clearance".

I remember being excited when he told me about it, because I assumed it had to do with a fun shopping trip. But he was actually talking about the one time per year that he cleans out his trunk.

"I found a bottle of wine in there last year," he told me, "so it was totally worth it."

When spring comes around, cleaning out your trunk is a good start - but taking your car in for a tune-up may be the best way to welcome spring. Booking an appointment for a tune-up may seem like a hassle and an expense, but keeping your car tuned up will save you money on fuel and repairs in the long run.

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