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Additional Work Identified During Edmonton’s Turnaround Impacts Gasoline Supply

We often hear about a company performing a turnaround or a shut down, but what does that mean exactly?  A turnaround helps ensure a safe and reliable operation for years to come.

Our Edmonton refinery is currently performing a planned maintenance turnaround.  During routine inspections of equipment additional work was identified that was not in the original scope.

With safety as our guiding value we considered a number of options however; the proactive decision was made to complete this work now.

Key gasoline production units that were expected to continue to operate throughout the turnaround have now been taken out of service, as a result of this additional work at the refinery. While these units are down to allow for the repair, we will be experiencing a temporary reduction of gasoline supply.

As a result we are required to temporarily curtail the volume of gasoline being supplied to some of our company controlled retail sites in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  With gasoline inventories limited, we have carefully developed a supply plan to ensure coverage across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. We are currently sourcing additional gasoline through our supply/distribution network.  We do expect to see run-outs at some of our company controlled retail sites in the next several days, however, we have made efforts to sustain inventory at alternate sites in those same markets and to maintain access for customers. Affected sites will return to full operation as supply is re-established.

Although we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers, the safety of our employees, our communities and our operations comes above all else.


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