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May 10, 2013


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Loretta H.

What incentive is there for restoring/maintaining gasoline supply when it becomes a convenient excuse to increase prices at the pump? When oil prices are down and there are no other 'factors' to affect pump prices, what better way for gas companines to manipulate pump prices to their advantage than to 'invent' a supply shortage by 'breakdown or maintenance mismanagement' along the supply chain. And what better time to plan it than the peak demand periods to get the best pay back. Why are consumers made to pay for problems caused by the gas company (and maybe even built into their budgets and strategic planning)? When are Canadians going to put legislation in effect to hold companies accountable for their actions/inaction/misaction instead of making us pay for it? Let them eat the cost from their profits not our wallets. Maybe then they will work a little harder at MANAGING the supply end of the business instead of MANIPULATING it.

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