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Great TED Talks about Cars

 If you're like me, you can't get enough of TED Talks - the "Ideas Worth Spreading" videos that have taken the internet by storm. Since there are TED Talks on subjects as diverse as urban gardening, spoken word poetry and inventing an accurate early detection test for pancreatic cancer, it should come as no surprise that there are some very cool TED Talks about cars and driving.

Here are five of the coolest TED Talks about cars:

If Cars Could Talk, Accidents Might be Avoidable

Inspired by a car accident she experienced as a teen, Intel research scientist Jennifer Headley started thinking about how cars could communicate with each other on the road to ultimately avoid collisions.

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Summer Driving: Handling Your Vehicle on a Sharp Turn

Sharp left sign
Photo: iStockphoto

With the top down and the summer breeze flowing through your hair, it's easy to go a little heavy on the gas - and that can lead to dangerous situations, particularly when you hit an unexpected bend in the road.

The Globe and Mail's Peter Cheney has a great video that shows you how best to handle yourself if you find yourself heading into a turn too fast. His tips can best be summed up thus:

  1. Lose as much speed as you safely can before entering the turn.

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What to Expect at Your Emissions Test

Car emissions
Photo: iStockphoto

Having lived in Southern Ontario and then here in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, I just assumed that everyone in Canada had to report for mandatory emissions testing. Not so!

Only drivers in certain regions of Ontario and BC are required to submit their vehicles for emissions testing. Emissions testing began as a way to reduce pollution in high traffic areas. In BC, the emissions testing program is called AirCare - in Ontario, it's Drive Clean.

Other provinces have introduced legislation that may one day lead to mandatory testing, but for now, emissions testing outside of Ontario and BC is voluntary.

As the proud owners of a 2006 Saturn Vue, our vehicle was exempt from emissions testing for the first seven model years. This year, in order to renew our ICBC insurance, our vehicle (we call her "Chloe") had to go in for her first emissions test.

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