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Summer Driving: Handling Your Vehicle on a Sharp Turn

Sharp left sign
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With the top down and the summer breeze flowing through your hair, it's easy to go a little heavy on the gas - and that can lead to dangerous situations, particularly when you hit an unexpected bend in the road.

The Globe and Mail's Peter Cheney has a great video that shows you how best to handle yourself if you find yourself heading into a turn too fast. His tips can best be summed up thus:

  1. Lose as much speed as you safely can before entering the turn.

  • Make the corner as wide as possible by hugging the outside of your lane as you go into the turn. Then drift towards the inside of the lane as you approach the apex of the turn. Steer back towards the outside of your lane as you exit the turn. 
  • Turn apex and exitPhoto: The Globe and Mail

  • Look where you want to go - in other words, keep your eyes on the path you're trying to     drive, not on the guardrail you're trying not to hit.
  • See the video here - and be careful on those summer drives!

    Looking for something a little more advanced? Check out Ultra 94's driving expert Brett Goodman's video about the physics of traction and safe and effective cornering , performance driving-style.

    - Rose R.


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