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Canada's Most Dangerous Intersections - Is There One Near You?

Busy Intersection
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We've all done it - misjudged when a stale green would turn yellow or screeched to sudden stop when a pedestrian darted out in front the car. When traffic converges at busy intersections, all it takes is one driver's bad timing to cause an accident.

That said, some intersections are more prone to accidents than others, thanks to traffic volume, the state of the roads, poor traffic light timing, distracting signage and other factors like local weather conditions (for example, in cities that see a lot of precipitation).

True to form, it's raining cats and dogs in Vancouver right now, so I wasn't surprised to see that the most dangerous intersection in Canada (according to this Yahoo Autos article) is about a 15 minute drive south of my house - and speaking from experience, it is pretty tricky.

Author Michael Small compiled provincial and national accident statistics to come up with a list of Canada's 20 most dangerous intersections. Is there one near you?

  1. Vancouver: Knight St & Knight Street Bridge and SE Marine Dr & SE Marine Dr Offramp & SE Marine Dr Onramp
  2. Calgary: Deerfoot and 16th Ave NE
  3. Winnipeg: Kenaston Blvd and McGillivrary Blvd
  4. Winnipeg: Leila Avenue and McPhillips Street
  5. Calgary: Glenmore Trail and Deerfoot Interchange
  6. Montreal: Highway 40 and Stinson
  7. Winnipeg: Grant Avenue and Kenaston Blvd
  8. Montreal: Dickson and Notre Dame
  9. Montreal: Highway 15 and De Salaberry
  10. Vancouver: Burrard Street & Burrard Street Bridge and and Pacific Street & Pacific Street Onramp and Offramp
  11. Vancouver: East 1st Avenue & East 1st Avenue offramp & East 1st Avenue onramp and Rupert Street Offramp and TransCanada Highway
  12. Toronto: Kennedy Road and Sheppard Avenue East
  13. Toronto: Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East
  14. Toronto: McCowan Road and Sheppard Avenue East
  15. Edmonton: Yellowhead Trail and 127th Street
  16. Edmonton: 107th Avenue and 142nd Street
  17. Edmonton: 90th Ave NW and 85 Street NW
  18. Ottawa: Hunt Club Road and Riverside Drive
  19. Ottawa: Belfast Road and St. Laurent Boulevard
  20. Ottawa: Baseline Road and Woodroffe Avenue

What's the worst intersection in your town or city? Are there intersections you routinely avoid because they're unsafe? Let us know in the comments.

- Rose R.


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Chas Holzworth

Victoria BC- Hillside at Government, Douglas, Gorge. Incidentally, there's a Petro Canada at one of the 5 corners.

Kieth G. Belanger

Ft. McMurray Hwy 63 interchanges from Thickwood Blvd to SBC traffic lights - confusing road signs & directions, multiple confusing lines from several changes due to the ongoing, over five year construction process to improve the traffic flow north to the plants.

Chad Andriowski

#16... really? It's a roundabout... I thought those were supposed to be the safest type of intersection. I go through there all the time and have never had an issue.

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