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December Nights Call for Holiday Lights

One of my favourite holiday memories as a child involved holiday lights. One evening every December, my parents would bundle my brother and me into the car, take us for hot chocolate and then cruise on over to Edmonton's Candy Cane Lane to look at all the lights.

We'd sit with our noses pressed up against the window of our 1984 Plymouth Reliant, getting all sugared up and pointing out all the cool displays. It was magical.

Holiday "light-seeing" is a tradition all over Canada. Here just a few of the light-seeing opportunities across the country:

The Halifax Chronicle Herald is building a user-generated map of places to go "light-seeing" in the province.

In Quebec, the Quebec City Lights Festival gets underway December 21st.

Here's a list of holiday light displays in Ottawa, complete with interactive map. has published a list of the best holiday lights in the city.

In Winnipeg, you can visit Winter Wonderland in Red River Exhibition Park

In my hometown of Edmonton, the Edmonton Transit System gives holiday light tours.

Here in Vancouver, there are yearly displays at the Van Dusen Gardens and in Stanley Park.

Of course, back in my day, we didn't have all of these newfangled inflatable snowmen and lights that are choreographed to music. I have to admit that I've watched this video of lights dancing along Gangnam Style just a few too many times. 

Are you heading out to enjoy holiday lights this December? Do you decorate your house with lights for the holiday season? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

We loved Candy Cane Lane in Edmonton too! Small world.
Can't get too much of Gangnum Style! Thanks for the post!

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