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Holiday Gifts for the Young Drivers on Your List

Cleaning snow off her new car

Buying for the teens and young adults on your list can be a challenge - their likes and dislikes can be mercurial. Didn't they LOVE this band last week? What do you mean this new coat I just bought you isn't "Instagrammable"? And what about Twilight? Is that...still a thing?

Fortunately, if the youngsters on your list have started driving, a whole realm of gifting possibilities has just opened up to you.

Here are a few gift ideas for the young drivers on your list:

Seat covers. Whether your teen is proudly driving a clunker or tooling around in a newer vehicle, new seat covers are a great way for them to personalize their rides. Seat covers come in plenty of crazy styles these days, from rugged camouflage to Hello Kitty.

Car locator. If your teen is prone to losing things, this might be the gift for them. Wired into your young driver's car, a car locator device can help them with everything from finding their car in a crowded parking lot to tracking their car down if it gets stolen.

CAA Membership. You can't always be there for them - especially when "there" is "broken down on the side of the highway". That's where CAA comes in! Roadside assistance gives both them and you some peace of mind.

Car washes. A sparkling clean car is a luxury for a young driver. Treat them to 5 washes with a Wash & Go card or really go all out with a 90 day Car Wash Season Pass  - perfect for a young driver obsessed with keeping her new ride shiny.

Trunk organizer. If you don't want their trunk to look like their bedroom, a trunk organizer can be a helpful solution - they're great for storing items like the next thing on our list.

Emergency kit. Your young driver may think the only "emergency kit" he needs is a bag of Doritos and a lighter. But you know better. Make sure they head out on the road with a fully stocked car safety kit.

Sports equipment rack. Maybe they're into biking…maybe they're into snowboarding…either way, you don't want them tying their equipment to the top of their car with twine. A sports equipment rack makes a very useful gift, hopefully one they can move from vehicle to vehicle!

Gas gift cards. You can't go wrong with giving the teen driver on your list free fuel. It's always the right size and always in style. Check out our gas gift card options - they can use it for fuel or convenience store items.

Of course, in the end, one of the best gifts you can give any young driver is setting a good example in the car yourself. Encourage them to drive mindfully and remind them never to text and drive!

Wishing you and the young drivers in your life a safe and happy holiday season!

- Rose R.


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