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See what Yes can do
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Happy New Year and welcome back to PumpTalk!

The new year is traditionally a time for contemplation and big-picture thinking, so instead of another post about gas, I thought we’d start the year off with a post about energy development and how Petro-Canada's parent company, Suncor Energy, is trying to engage Canadians in a conversation about our country's resources.

Suncor has launched an awareness campaign that includes television, print and digital advertising as well as new website - See what Yes can do  - to help to raise awareness about energy issues and to get Canadians thinking about how our energy is produced and consumed and sharing ideas and opinions about the issues associated with the development of Canada’s resources. 

See what Yes can do features documentary-style videos that explore energy innovation, building strong communities, the environmental and economic impact of the work we do and conversations with Suncor employees about working in the energy industry.

As the OSQAR team noted in their blog post about the new site:

"Part of our goal in sharing this information is to acknowledge that when it comes to energy development, we don’t have all the answers but we’re willing to work with others on finding solutions."

Do you have questions about energy development? Visit the See what Yes can do website and start off a new year by sharing your thoughts with us on the Talking about Yes discussion platform.

- Rose R.


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