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Your car does so much for you. It gets you places. It doesn't say anything about your doughnut habit. You spend a lot of time together, just hangin'. This Valentine's Day, why not celebrate your other "significant other" - your beloved vehicle? Here are a few gift suggestions for that special automobile in your life.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart - Now that science has disproved the idiom "cold hands, warm heart", it's time to get those hands warmed up with a heated steering wheel cover. Apparently, having warm hands puts you in a better mood, which I'm sure will help you - and your car - be happier on the road.

Musical Accompaniment - A soundtrack always makes driving better, whether you're stuck in traffic or out on the open road. If your current stereo set up has you shoving a matchbook under your cassette tape to keep it playing, it might be time to spring for a sound system upgrade. Whether you do a complete stereo overhaul or just set your ride up with some portable wireless speakers that connect to your MP3 player, your car will appreciate it.

Record your Memories - Whether you want to record your time on the track or just keep track of the action on the highway, a dashboard camera ensures that you never miss a moment of your time together - plus, when the unexpected occurs, you'll have a record of it. Check out this article about some of the top options for dash cams.

Spa Day - Pamper your car with some sweet triple foam action - treat it to a deluxe car wash package. Or kick off a season of car love with the 90 Day Season Pass. Your sparkling clean car will thank you.

New Car Smell - Get into the mood to drive with an aromatherapy diffuser for the car. You can get the kind that plugs into your cigarette lighter or a clay model that hangs from your rear view mirror. A drop of essential oil, a little heat and it's botanical heaven on wheels.

Personalize It - Let your car know it's your one and only with some fun new vanity plates. It might be challenging to express yourself in 7 characters or less, but vanity plates are the gift that keeps on giving - especially when you can't figure out which black sedan is yours in the parking lot.

Keep it Safe - If your alarm system is your neighbour yelling "Jake, someone's hot-wiring your car!", maybe change it up. Check out this article for reviews of the top ten car security systems and keep your car safer.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your car! And if you have any other automobile gift ideas, please share them in the comments!

- Rose R.


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