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Fight for the steering wheel
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The two of you are headed out the door. You know where you're going. You know how to get there. Just one question. Who's going to drive?

Who drives and who takes shotgun is often used as a metaphor for relationships. The implication is that whoever likes to be in the driver's seat in the car also likes to take control of things in life - and that the passenger is passive, content to watch things pass them by. Drivers drive. Passengers sit. Drivers are active. Passengers are passive.

As the frequent "navigator" in my relationship, I get a little defensive at the characterization of passengers as passive. Okay, I may not be driving, but I'm still very busy looking things up, handling both of our phones, trying not to ask the driver complicated tax questions during harrowing left-hand turns and, if I'm honest, occasionally driving with my MIND. I'm not driving but I'm still an active participant!

I could continue my rant, but thanks to this article in the Globe & Mail, I've become a little more understanding of control-freak drivers who mock the passenger-oriented. It might not be their fault. Because it turns out there's an actual psychological condition that may render you incapable of handing over the keys.

It's called "amaxaphobia"- the fear of being a passenger. If you feel real panic at the thought of not being the driver, then you may be amaxaphobic.

Over to you - what do you think? Do you always need to drive or do you delight in being the passenger? Take our poll below!

- Rose R.


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