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Monthly Poll - Who Follows the Rules of the Road Better, Pedestrians or Drivers?

Drivers vs pedestrians
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One of the intersections near my house recently added an advance green arrow in the left hand turn lane, one of the many traffic safety upgrades Vancouver has been conducting lately.

The other night, however, when I was a pedestrian at that crosswalk, the woman next to me didn't notice the new advance green. She was on her phone, not paying attention, and stepped off the curb when she saw green out of the corner of her eye.

I managed to grab her sleeve and pull her back from wandering into the stream of cars turning left. I got a dirty look for my troubles and then she went back to texting. Sigh.

When I'm a pedestrian, I'm always on the lookout for drivers. When I'm in the car, I'm always on the lookout for pedestrians. But which are really the worst when it comes to following the rules of the road?

Well, according to this CTV News video via the Globe and Mail, here's the answer: "Study finds nearly a third of Vancouver pedestrians don't follow the rules". According to the story, a research team studied intersections across Vancouver, documenting both driver and pedestrian infractions. I expected the drivers to be the rule breakers but - spoiler alert! - I was wrong.

At the Broadway and Commercial intersection, for example, the pedestrians were the worst: 31% of them committed infractions (such as crossing on a flashing or solid hand, or crossing outside the painted lines) vs. 8% of drivers (whose infractions included barreling through yellow-to-red lights, making left turns as lights turn red, etc.) See the video here:

What about where you live? Do you think pedestrians are the worst or is it drivers? Take our poll below!

- Rose R.


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