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Can this Attention Powered Car Cut Down on Distracted Driving Accidents?

We've written a lot over the last year about assisted driving technologies and distracted driving - so when I came across this project that's tackling both, I had to share it with you PumpTalk readers!

Like the rest of the world, Western Australia has a problem with distracted driving; their experts estimate that between 20 to 30 percent of driver deaths are caused by distraction (versus 10 percent in the U.S.). With a mind to improving that statistic, the Royal Automobile Club of Western Australia (RAC) partnered with Emotiv to create the Attention Powered Car.

The Attention Powered Car can tell when you're distracted or trying to multitask while driving and it adjusts your speed accordingly. The driver wears a neuro-headset that monitors brain activity and that information is conveyed to the car.

Here's a video about how the system works.

There are several more great videos on the RAC site with more information about the Attention Powered car - be sure to check them out!

Obviously, anything that gets us all to focus on the road more is a good thing. But clearly this Attention Powered Car system has its drawbacks - decreasing speed doesn't necessarily mean you won't be in an accident and sudden slowing could cause accidents as well. Still, as a tool to educate drivers about how often they get distracted, it could be useful!

Would you take a ride in the Attention Powered Car?

- Rose R.


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