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Summer driving
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The sky is blue, the tomatoes are planted, the dog refuses to come in out of the sun - I think it might finally be summer! If you're anything like me, you're already planning your summer road trips to all the wild places Canada has to offer. 
While you're getting the maps out and checking your Trip Advisor app, here's a quick checklist of things you can do to help make sure you and your car have a safe and happy summer together:
  1. Check your tire pressure. With the change in temperature, your tire pressure changes as well. Keep your tires at the right pressure with these handy tips from our post on tire inflation (it's a winter post - but the tire tips still apply year round!)

  2. Check your wiper blades. After months of salt and sand, they may need to be replaced. Also, be sure and top up your washer fluid, as bugs, dust and other detritus can make it hard to see, especially if you're driving into the sun.

  3. Hose out your undercarriage. Be sure and give your car's exterior a thorough cleaning to remove road grime - especially the underside of your car, which takes a beating in the winter. Don't forget to clean out the wheel wells!

  4. Check your air filter. You should generally be replacing your air filter twice a year. And when was the last time you changed your cabin air filter?

  5. Get lots of fluids. Check your oil and change it if necessary; make sure your coolant levels are right to help keep your car from overheating; make sure to keep other fluids like brake and transmission fluids topped up.

  6. Make sure your hoses and belts aren't cracked, loose or frayed

  7. Clean out the trunk. If you've been carrying winter gear around, like a bag of sand or an ice scraper, now's the time to stow it in your garage. Less junk in the trunk means you'll be burning less fuel.

  8. Listen to your car. Take a few minutes to roll down the window and listen for any knocking, banging or grinding sounds that weren't there in the fall. If you hear anything unusual, be sure and get it checked out - it may be time for a tune up.
Summer driving is a lot more fun when you know your car's been prepped for the season. Do you have any summer prep that you do for your car? Let us know in the comments!
- Rose R.


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