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Monthly Poll: Could you pass your Learner's test today?

Between writing for PumpTalk and being out on the world, I feel that I have a pretty good handle on the rules of the road. But then I came across a video on the Globe and Mail (sadly, no longer available without a subscription), demonstrating that many experienced drivers don't remember some of the basics.

I started to wonder…could *I* pass my learner's test today? 

The last time I took the learner's test was loooooong time ago, so naturally, I was curious about how I would fare taking it again without the frantic studying. I went online and found an online practice test. I enjoyed the feeling of being a sweaty-palmed 17 year old again as I worked my way through the questions.

Fortunately, the results were not too embarrassing:

Practice Test Results

I got one question wrong - I totally blanked out on what this sign means:

Practice Test Results

Yes, I remember what it means…now. It means the lane is only for two-way left turns.

Of course, not everyone has time to take the full practice test for "research" purposes (although I know you're all tempted to try). Whether or not you take the test, the big question is - do you think you could you pass your Learner's test today? Take our poll below!

- Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

Can't believe that all those people who said they'd pass actually took the online test. Thanks for the opportunity to brush up my knowledge!

Clint Martindale

I have over 40 years driving all over Canada and the USA all makes of trucks cars on and off highway equipment Mountain runner. I also took the online test several times scoring over 90 and as high as 100 percent I took the road test today and failed I did not keep both HANDS ON THE STEERING WHEEL AT ALL TIMES AT THE 1O OCLOCK POSITION NO EXSCUSES ALSO I DID NOT SHOULDER CHECK USING MIRORS ALONE NO GOOD HAVE HEARD THIS FROM OTHER PEOPLE IT HAPPENED TO ME . Clint Martindale

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