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Road Trip Packing
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My least favourite thing about road trips is packing up the vehicle. Correct car packing procedure involves four things I greatly dislike: thinking, planning, bending and doing. I'm more of a spontaneous, "toss it in and hope for the best" type of packer. Fortunately, my better half is an expert packer and since we've been together, my only jobs are to bring the bags to the curb and wrangle the dog. Teamwork!

"Being organized" when it comes to packing is apparently something one learns from one's parents. Fortunately for those of us whose packing skills were not honed when we were young, the internet is here to help! A quick look at Pinterest and you'll find thousands of organizational tips and tricks for road trip or camping packing.

Some people make lists and pack into plastic bins; some people favour traditional suitcases and ziploc bags. Some people pack one bag per person, others choose to pack everyone's stuff together for each day of the trip. After looking at several photos of well-organized trunks, I'm almost ready to try a more organized approach to packing myself! Almost.

Regardless of your packing style, this article in has some great tips on how to pack your car safely - definitely something for even the most cavalier packer to consider.

Over to you! Are you the "lists and planning" type or the "toss and go" type when you pack for a road trip? Take our poll below!


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