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Monthly Poll: Can you drive manual transmission?

Manual transmission
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I really like watching the Amazing Race (and not just because Petro-Canada is a sponsor of this year's The Amazing Race Canada!). But I am always amazed that every season, there is at least one team that appears to have never watched the show.

This is the team who totally shocked when there's a weird food challenge. Or they fail to keep track of their special Amazing Race passport fanny pack. Or, they aren't prepared to drive a stick shift.

If I were preparing for The Amazing Race Canada, the first thing on my list would be to practice my stick-shift driving. Because there is nothing so stressful as having the lead in the Race and watching it dwindle as team after team passes you in their manual transmission vehicle, all because you didn't spend a little time learning how to drive stick.

Of course, driving stick has more benefits than getting you ahead on TV's most exciting reality show - according to manual transmission devotees, driving stick is more fun, can offer better handling and may also deliver better fuel economy. All good reasons to consider giving the ol' manual transmission a try.

So, how about you? How's your stick-handling? Natural-born clutch jockey? Or would you be the team-member in the back seat thanking your lucky stars that your team mate drives a 1972 manual transmission Dodge Dart at home?

And for all of you Amazing Race Canada fans - there are still a few more weeks left in the Petro-Canada Fuel Your Favourite Team contest. Every time you vote for your favourite Amazing Race Canada team, you'll be entered for a chance to win free gas for a year (see contest rules for details)!

The contest runs until September 20th and you can vote once per day, so be sure to get voting ASAP!

- Rose R.


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Sophia G

The one and only time I drove a stick was 41 years ago in the wee hours downtown Toronto. When my friend decided to over indulge she appointed me the DD, even though I had never driven a manual transmission. Fortunately the streets were largely empty and my friend was relaxed enough not to respond to the continual popping of the clutch!

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