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Monthly Poll: Do you "trick out" your car for Hallowe'en?

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Hallowe'en is right around the corner but don't worry! There's still time to plan a costume - for your vehicle.

With the rise in popularity of Hallowe'en "trunk and treat" family events and with so many great photo-sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram, it's never been easier to find car decor inspiration.

If you're looking to trick out your trunk in particular, this Pinterest user has gathered some of the most creative ideas for Hallowe'en car decor around.


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Of course, not everyone wants to decorate their car for Hallowe'en. Our neighbourhood is generally pretty decor-free this time of year; but recently, our neighbour bought an orange VW beetle, so my fingers are crossed that she'll gussy it up with some Jack o' Lantern stickers.

Over to you - what are your plans this Hallowe'en? Do you dress up your car or just your kids and pets? Take our poll below!

- Rose R.


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I <3 Halloween !!! and <3 having fun at any holiday! Glad to see so many others having fun with Halloween.
I haven't decked out my truck... but I have dressed up my Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic with a big orange Devil-Teddy Bear on the back rest, and a musical Wolf Man dangling from yhe handle bars :) A few stickers on the windshield and I can RIDE MY IRON HALLOWEEN HORSE !!! ENJOY EVERYONE !!!

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