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Road Sign Refresher Quiz

Back in July, we posted a monthly poll called "Could you pass your learner's test today?"  

More than 60% of you felt that you would pass, with a few missed questions. What were the most commonly missed questions on the quiz? Road signs! Most road signs are pretty obvious but there are a few that most of us don't see every day.

Tempted to put your road sign knowledge to the test? Take our Road Sign Refresher quiz below to see how you stack up!

1.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Now entering Winter Wonderland

b) Curvy road ahead

c) Firefly viewing area

d) Road may be slippery when wet

2.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Runaway truck lane

b) Beware speeding trucks

c) Military base nearby

d) Truck entrance on the right ahead

3.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Attention cyclists: potentially hazardous road conditions ahead

b) Attention cyclists: show off your sick moves ahead

c) Bike lane ends

d) Bike snow route

4.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Pass on the right

b) Right lane must exit

c) Keep right except when passing on two way road sections

d) Left lane ends

5.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Earthquake zone

b) Metal bridge deck

c) Playing loud music while riding motorcycle prohibited

d) Uneven pavement ahead

6.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Hazard ahead, keep left

b) Barber shop ahead

c) Hazard ahead, keep right

d) Bumblebee zone

7.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Only bikes may proceed

b) Only buses may proceed

c) Only white vehicles may proceed

d) Only emergency vehicles may proceed

8.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Snowmobiles allowed on this road

b) Only snowmobiles allowed on this road

c) Snowmobile service ahead

d) Self-driving snowmobiles only

9.  Road Sign Refresher

a) REALLY pay attention to this speed limit

b) No, seriously. This area has a history of accidents.

c) This speed limit has jazz hands!

d) a & b

10.  Road Sign Refresher

a) Bow to our robot overlords

b) Surveyors at work

c) Scenic lookout

d) Astronomers at work

Answers: 1. d) 2. d) 3. a) 4. c) 5. b) 6. c) 7. b) 8. a) 9. d) 10. b)

8-10 Correct: You know all the signs on all the roads! This was child’s play. And now you feel smart. Go you!

4-7 Correct: Not TOO bad. Some of these were a little tricky and sometimes signs are harder to define out of context.

0-3 Correct: Well, I think we can both agree that did not go well. Maybe take this ICBC Road Sign Practice Test and try again.

- Rose R.


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