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Get Home Safe During the Holiday Season

Holiday Festivities

I love the holidays ... the lights, the music, the parties, the cocktails. Ahhh .. the cocktails.

OK, time for Real Talk. If you're planning to have a tipple this holiday season when you're out and about, you need a way to get home safely and keep other people on the road safe as well (sober driving - it's not just about you).

Make sure that you and your friends have a conversation about this topic BEFORE heading to the party: who will be the designated driver? And if no one wants to be the DD, make sure you have a plan.

Luckily, especially around the holidays, there are several options that will help you, your family and friends get home safe and sound.

Calling a Designated Driver Service
There are Designated Driver Services sprouting up in communities across Canada. This service lets you take your own car to a party or event. Then, when you're ready to leave, you call the service and they will send two people: one to drive you and your friends home in your car and the other to follow in a "chase car" and pick up the driver of your car.

Private DD services are available in various communities. The best way to check if one is available in yours is to do an Internet search for "designated driver service" and your city. Operation Red Nose is a free designated-driver service that operates during the holidays across Canada. Check out the website to see if they operate in your area. 

Calling a Taxi
#TAXI - PoundTaxi is a service on your mobile phone; when you dial #TAXI (#8294) it connects you to the next available taxi. This service is available in Canada. Note - it is considered a "premium voice service" and, as such, has a charge, depending on your wireless carrier. For more info, see the #TAXI website

Get a Taxi App
Several of the taxi companies in Canada's larger metropolitan centres have smartphone apps that let you pre-book or call a taxi on demand. Often they will let you track your taxi's route, so you can see how far away they are. Handy! Search for your city and "cab" or "taxi" in your preferred App Store.

Local Transit
Several communities across Canada offer free transit on New Year's Eve. Check your local transit authority's website to see if this is being offered in your area.

That's it for PumpTalk this year! We're on holiday until January 8, 2015. From all of us here on the PumpTalk team, we wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday season!

- Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

Sadly Rednose is not available in Victoria but Bluebird Taxi Co. is the next best thing.

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