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July 30, 2015


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Chuck LeBlanc

The price of gas, has been and will be



Sounds like BS Canadian dollar is down yes so they are also buying our oil with a discount. Next, the refinery issue is continually used such as the winter was extreme and the refineries could not run however we can somehow process at -40 up north. Your graph of this years pricing and last years pricing does not show 2008-2010 when the barrel was at $150 and the price at the pump was $1.50 a litre. We had high demend with US driving a lot then too. The only thing true here is the Comodity Market driving up prices falsely through the big corporations and esp. Oil Corps making the best profits ever.

Kathleen Friesen

Absolute drivel. You must think we the public are total morons! With oil prices at near record lows, Petro Can upped the price in Vernon, BC, from 120.9/litre to 129.9 yesterday. How coincidental that this is a long weekend!


Absolutely don't believe a word of the psychobabble double triple talk used to justify the continual increases in gas prices - and the endless price hikes of everything from groceries to clothes to housing. The cost of gas is what they can gouge us for. Prices are so far out of proportion to value and to wages, it is economic destruction off the scale. There are only two words needed to accurately sum up the reasons for all of it: OBSCENE GREED


bunch of bs.... price over $100 per barrel a year ago and now your trying to justify the prices today...give your head a shake...
just wish the public would organize for once to show we are not okay with this...


Garbage garbage they must all think we re stupid. Up until now it was high price of oil that they parroted every time the price spiked. It s just plain old greed nothing else lets get the word out

Gary Dillman

You should add a couple columns to your graph, oil price per barrel this year as compared to last year. But that would show how much you really are over priced. Any other business that overcharged like gas companise would be out of business.


Lets see. Last year oil was +$100/barrel and gas sold for a high of $1.299 here. Now oil is between $38-$50/ barrel, depending on the day and gas is $1.169. So, when your base material depreciates by 50%, you lower the price of your product $0.12?? and you justify this by closing refineries on the south coast of the US for "maintenance"?

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