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Monthly Poll: What's Your Biggest Parking Pet Peeve?

Bad Parking

Probably the worst parking job my better half and I have ever encountered happened the last time we were in Calgary. It was at the end of a loooong drive from Vancouver and for some reason, we couldn't find a parking spot outside our hotel, even though there didn't seem to be that many cars.

After circling a couple of times, we figured out what the problem was - one pick-up truck had parked straddling the line between two spots and was also over the dividing line between the parking spots facing it, so that it was taking up FOUR WHOLE SPOTS. Blood…boiling…

We were naturally tempted to leave a nasty note but instead, we were very Canadian and complained to the hotel manager.

As summer winds down and we all reluctantly return from vacations, finding a parking spot at work or school might become a more annoying part of your day. In the spirit of reminding ourselves - and each other - to be conscientious when parking this fall, I thought a parking pet peeve poll was in order. Over to you, drivers - what's your biggest pet peeve when it comes to parking?

Don't see your biggest parking pet peeve on the list? Share it in the comments. Good parking behaviour, whether on the street, a parking lot or a parkade, benefits all of us! Be safe out there, parkers!

- Rose R.


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Not parking between the lines is a big peeve of mine for sure. That said, the one I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand for is people using the wheelchair accessible parking when they are clearly not permitted and have no need for it.

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