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The Ultimate Road Song?

Last year, we posted some tips for creating your ultimate road trip playlist and after seeing this video, I think this OK Go song might be at the top of mine.

If you're interested in how they did it, here's a great article with some background information about the band, behind the scenes photos and a map of the route they took.

Probably not something to try at home - but an innovative way to make music with your car!

What's at the top of your road trip playlist this summer? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.


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Mark Conner

Kobra and the Lotus "Black Velvet". Video was filmed in downtown Calgary. I have tix to go see them tomorrow night in Denver!


Great choice of band! Love OK Go!

Alexandra LeMay

I am going to try this at home! Family, get your helmets and gather around.

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