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Eating in the car

A sweet friend of our once drove us from the airport in San Francisco to our hotel in Monterey, where we were attending a conference. (It was the TED conference – JEALOUS?) We were all a little peckish, so we stopped at a drive-through for some dinner.

I was surprised when our friend ordered a meal that included a salad and fries with dipping sauce. I assumed that we would pull over so that she could enjoy her meal but I was incorrect.

I watched in horror and fascination as she managed to fork her way through her salad and dip every one of her fries, all while roaring down the highway. In the dark. I’m pretty sure that me driving the car with my mind from the passenger seat was the only thing that kept us out of the ditch.

Of course, that’s a pretty extreme example of eating in the car but it opened my eyes to the fact that some champion car-eaters walk among us. These days, with vehicles designed around our beverage needs, eating in the car is almost expected. But not everyone enjoys snacking in the car and some people outright forbid it, in an attempt to keep their cars mess-free.

There’s also the matter of distracted driving; taking a sip of your coffee at a stop light is one thing, but buttering your toast on the way through an intersection is quite another. It’s not technically against the law to drink or eat in your car, but if an officer feels you’re driving erratically because you’re trying to get the last few drops of your smoothie, you can be issued a ticket.

Over to you, drivers – where do you come down on snacking on the go? Take our poll below! 

If you or your passengers do frequently eat in the car, be sure and give your car a thorough cleaning on a regular basis! Check out our post on how keeping your car clean can help keep you healthy for some cleaning tips.

- Rose R.


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