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Monthly Poll: What do you listen to on your commute?

Commuter listening

Staying awake on your commute is job one at all times of the year, but I find it’s especially challenging to be alert behind the wheel as the days get shorter and darker. So…so dark.

One of the best ways to stay awake and focused on the road is to listen to something in the car – ideally something that doesn’t have a soporific effect on you. For example, my better half listens to audio books to fall asleep – so when she’s at the wheel, no audio books allowed!

Some folks listen to talk radio to stay alert, while others find that peppy music is the best way to stay focused; some experts even recommend listening to radio shows or music that you hate, because being annoyed is a great way to stay awake! But driving while annoyed is not always the best way to be a calm and courteous driver.

What about you? Are you learning a new language or perfecting your lip synching skills on your commute? Take our poll below!

- Rose R.


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