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stray cat

I don’t mean to brag, but we have a LOT of outdoor cats in our neighbourhood. I see them everywhere – hiding in the azalea as I walk by with the dog, darting under parked cars and hanging around our bird feeder in the hopes they may catch lunch. In fact, this fall, the lovely fellow in the photo on the left spent several mornings loitering in our tiny front yard, waiting by the front door, hoping to be let in. I caved and fed him some tuna – and then never saw him again. FICKLE.

Last year we wrote about rodents invading your engine in colder weather – when you park, your car engine and wheel wells are a warm and inviting place for furry friends to get cozy. And it’s the same with cats.

As with rodents, starting your car with a cat in your engine is never a good way to begin your drive. With so many furry friends on the loose and no garage in which to park our car, it’s become our habit to give the car a good thump before we start it up, in case any felines or rodentia are hanging out in the engine, under the car or up in the wheel wells.

This video from the BC SPCA is a great reminder to “think and thump” to disturb any furry friends before you drive off this winter.

Do you regularly check your car for neighbourhood fauna? Any other tips to share with fellow outdoor parkers? Let us know in the comments.

- Rose R.


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