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Going Green – Today’s Conversations with Canadian Drivers

PumpTalk Decal

This July marks the 10 year anniversary of the PumpTalk blog. Ten years of posts about gas prices, fuel efficiency and the occasional layered sandwich!

We started this blog because we heard that our guests wanted to have a better understanding of how gas prices were set. So we set out to help explain why gas prices sometime fluctuate, the impact of supply and demand and the price differences across Canada.

Ten years later, the conversation has changed. Although gas prices are still relevant to our guests, many also want to talk about the responsible development and use of Canada’s natural resources. So with that in mind, we have updated our blog to better reflect the today’s dialogue.

Here on PumpTalk, you’ll continue to see posts about the price at the pump and fun car facts, but you’ll also see more about fuel efficiency and how we can all use our products responsibly.

To help us spread the word, we’ve updated our old pump stickers, to give them a new look and to reflect the updated focus of PumpTalk. Above is preview of the new sticker you’ll be seeing on your pump.

Let us know what you think!

Road Trip Tips: Car Games for Everyone


It's that time of year - road trip season! And the two biggest stressors of road trips? Packing and keeping the kids (big or small) happy in the back seat.

Not to sound all curmudgeonly, but it was a lot different when I was a kid on a road trip with my family. These days we all just make sure our devices are charged and infinite entertainment is at our fingertips. Back then, I had a single book, maybe two - and once I finished those, that was it. To keep sane, we had to turn to the friendly road trip game. Punch buggy, of course, was a staple with my brother and I, but inevitably it led to tears. Here are a few of our favourite (and less-violent) alternatives that hopefully everyone in the car can enjoy.

Game: Cows on My Side!

How to Play:

  • When you see a cow on your side of the road, shout out "Cows on my side!"
  • Every time you call out "Cows on my side", you get a point (you may want to make a house rule that it's one point per field of cows rather than EVERY cow).
  • If you see cows on the other side, call out "Cows on your side!" and if you do so before the other person sees them, you get a point.
  • If anyone sees a cemetery, shout out "Ghost Cow!". You steal all the other person's points.

Game: Coloured Cars

How to Play:

  • Everyone in the car chooses an out-of-the-ordinary car colour (think yellow, orange, bright blue NOT black, white or silver).
  • Shout out when you see a car in your colour; you get a point.
  • Play to 17 points, then switch colours.
  • Optional rule: If you see a car in someone else's colour, shout it out and you steal a point.

Game: Actors Connect

How to Play:

  • You're trying to connect actors through the movies they starred in (a variant on 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon).
  • The first person names an actor.
  • The next person has to name a movie they were in.
  • The next person names ANOTHER actor in that movie.
  • The next person names a movie THAT ACTOR was in.
  • If someone can't think of an actor or movie, they are "out" til the next round. Current round continues until one person remains. They get a point. Start again.
  • Example: - Actor - Colin Firth - Movie - Love, Actually - Actor - Emma Thompson - Movie - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Game: Songs by Category

How to Play:

  • You're trying to sing songs in a particular category.
  • One person chooses a category like "Songs about cars" or "Songs with a girl's name".
  • First person sings a lyric from a song in the category.
  • Keep going from person to person until someone can't think of one. They are "out" til next round. Current round continues until one person remains. They get a point and get to choose the new category. Start again.

Game: Alphabetical Categories

How to Play:

  • You're trying to name things, in alphabetical order, from a particular category. Kind of like a paperless version of Scattergories.
  • One person chooses a category - it can be general or specific, e.g. cars, potato chip flavours, superheroes.
  • First person names something in that category that starts with the letter "A".
  • Keep going from person to person until someone can't think of one. They are "out" until the next round. Current round continues until one person remains. They get a point and get to choose the new category. Start again.

What are your favourite non-electronic car games on a road trip? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.

Final Update: Supply Situation in Western Canada

Thank you for your patience and cooperation - we're happy to report that our retail locations in Western Canada that recently experienced a fuel outage have now received fuel and are operational. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we regret any frustration that you endured. Thank you for being a Petro-Canada customer. 

Update #2: Supply Situation in Western Canada

Here’s an update on the supply situation in Western Canada.

We’re in the process of refuelling our sites following the return to planned operations at our Edmonton refinery and Oil Sands operations.

This will take a few days, but we’re working on getting gasoline and diesel to our customers as quickly as possible.

We appreciate your business and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused. We thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we continue to work towards "business as usual".

Update on Temporary Fuel Shortage

We wanted to update you on the temporary fuel shortage at Petro-Canada stations in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and interior BC. The fires in the Fort McMurray area as well as an unplanned outage at our Edmonton refinery means that we've had an unavoidable impact on our ability to produce and supply our normal volume of gasoline and diesel.

This is what we are doing to improve the situation:

  • bringing in additional supply for our Edmonton refinery
  • restarting our oil sands operations in a safe and staged manner
  • bringing in additional gasoline from other parts of our network via truck and rail as quickly as possible
  • working to bring the affected unit back into service safely and as quickly as possible

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are continuing to look for solutions to limit the impact to our customers. Thank you for your patience.


Update: June 4, 2016

We have a plan in place that will maintain supply at critical locations so as to minimize the impact on customers as much as possible.  This includes supporting the community of Fort McMurray returning to their home, and adequately maintaining supply in areas where there are limited or no other options for fuelling.