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Update #2: Supply Situation in Western Canada

Update on Temporary Fuel Shortage

We wanted to update you on the temporary fuel shortage at Petro-Canada stations in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and interior BC. The fires in the Fort McMurray area as well as an unplanned outage at our Edmonton refinery means that we've had an unavoidable impact on our ability to produce and supply our normal volume of gasoline and diesel.

This is what we are doing to improve the situation:

  • bringing in additional supply for our Edmonton refinery
  • restarting our oil sands operations in a safe and staged manner
  • bringing in additional gasoline from other parts of our network via truck and rail as quickly as possible
  • working to bring the affected unit back into service safely and as quickly as possible

We apologize for the inconvenience. We are continuing to look for solutions to limit the impact to our customers. Thank you for your patience.


Update: June 4, 2016

We have a plan in place that will maintain supply at critical locations so as to minimize the impact on customers as much as possible.  This includes supporting the community of Fort McMurray returning to their home, and adequately maintaining supply in areas where there are limited or no other options for fuelling.


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