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Charge It – Petro-Canada’s Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

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As we mentioned in our last post, things sure have changed in the ten years since PumpTalk began– and one of those changes is that more and more electric vehicles are on the roads.

One of the vexing things about being an electric vehicle early adopter is that finding a place to charge your car mid-road trip can be a challenge. That’s why, in an effort to continue to meet the driving needs of Canadians for years to come – and to learn more about this emerging market - Petro-Canada has installed Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations at five company-owned retail locations!

Use the Station Locator to find these EV charging stations and others near you - choose “Electric Charging Station” from the station locator.

Station locator with Electric Vehicle recharging selected

Would you consider buying an electric vehicle? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.


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Rick S

Would like to see some in Atlantic Canada. It seems that Quebec and Ontario have a significant presence but everyone forgets that EVs exist east of those provinces.

Sendra Schryer

When i click on the station locator there is no icon for electric charge.

PumpTalk Blog

Hi Sandra - did you scroll down the page all the way? It's at the bottom on the list of alternative fuels. Hope this helps!

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