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I'm sure you experienced it at least once this summer - the mysteriously non-existent traffic accident. It happens all the time to us when we're driving back into Vancouver from the Okanagan. There is a certain strip along the Trans-Canada where traffic slows or just stops. For no apparent reason. As we crawl along, I'm always sure there will be the tell-tale signs of an accident. But there never are. So what is happening?

According to this explainer video by CGP Grey, I've passed through a phantom intersection and am being digested by a traffic snake (some seriously awesome metaphors in this video). Not only does it explain what happens when one driver does seemingly innocuous things like a slow start at an intersection or a rapid lane change on a highway, but it also illustrates the true promise of self-driving cars.

The example of how humans drive through an intersection versus how self-driving cars would move through an intersection is a little nerve-wracking to watch (and even more so if you imagine yourself in one of the self-driving cars). But it does show us a glimpse of our possible future.

What do you think - are you ready to embrace the world of self-driving cars?

 - Rose R.


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