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Smart Drive Challenge Aims to Save on Fuel by Changing Driver Behaviour


With the summer coming to an end and back-to-school season upon us, we’ll all be spending more time in the car. As your driving time increases, you may find yourself thinking about what you can do to save on fuel and errand time.

You can always check out our previous posts for tips on how to increase your fuel efficiency but if you’re up for a more accountable driving-behaviour-altering challenge, Scout Environmental’s Smart Drive Challenge may be a good fit for you. Right now, the program is only available in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton region in Ontario and the Metro Vancouver region in B.C. If you live in those areas, you can apply to take part.

Smart Drive Challenge is a program where drivers learn to reduce their fuel use through a training program and a tracking device that keeps track of their driving. Smart Drive uses a simple telematic device that plugs into your OBD port (any vehicle manufactured after 1996 has an OBD port). The device monitors your normal driving style for three weeks to get a baseline. Next, you take a free online training course on how to alter your driving behaviour to save on fuel. Then, you start the Challenge and the telematic device – similar to a fitness tracker - keeps track of your progress. The ultimate goal is a 15% reduction in your fuel use.

This video from the Smart Drive Challenge explains more about how the program works:

Do you think you could benefit from some training to reduce your fuel use? Would you ever apply for something like the Smart Drive Challenge if it came to your area? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.


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