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Futuristic Autonomous Car Takes “Green” Driving to a Whole New Level

This winter, it snowed in Vancouver. And the snow STAYED ON THE GROUND (gasps, clutches pearls). Vancouver has very little infrastructure in place to deal with snow – heck, only one owner out of the three units in our strata even owns a snow shovel. After a couple of weeks of running holiday errands on icy roads and sharing the streets with panicked, non-snow-expert drivers, this relaxing Oasis concept vehicle, created by Swiss automotive company Rinspeed, seems like heaven. Plus, it has room for your succulents! Perfect for Vancouver.

The Oasis can be privately owned or shared. It has a rideshare app so you can match with and pick up passengers (sort of an Uber meets Tinder idea). It even has a secure temperature controlled compartment you can use for document or food delivery. It has a steering wheel that converts to a keyboard/cupholder tray, so that you can get some work done and enjoy a coffee on your commute.

Check out this video to get a sense of what the future will be like. At seven minutes, it’s a little long, but it is also mesmerizing.

What do you think? Does the Oasis appeal to you? Let us know in the comments.

- Rose R.


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I personally can't wait for this kind of convenience. I'm watching companies like Tesla, Google and Uber very closely. As a mother, I tend to do a lot of driving. I don't like to drive, but its a necessity until technology changes. I can't wait for driving to be an optional activity.

We have our deposit on the new TESLA Model 3 which comes equipped with the self drive hardware suite that can accomplish most of the features in this video. I think that this will be attractive to the younger generation like my niece and nephew who would rather be socially connected than to drive. There are also the added benefits of avoiding the cost burden of owning a car. For the older population like my parents, it continues to provide independence.

The efficiency of autonomous cars should also be better for our environment.

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