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Lab of Luxury: An SUV Designed with your Pooch in Mind

Nissan Dogue

There were a lot of exciting vehicles revealed at the New York Auto Show earlier this month but the one that really caught my eye wasn’t the crazy fast 840HP Dodge Demon. No, the shiny vehicle that I zeroed in on was a custom-fitted twist on the Nissan Rogue called the Nissan Dogue.

That’s right - it’s an SUV designed specifically with the dog-lover in mind.

The Dogue’s hatchback features spill-proof food and water dishes, a removable dog bed, a ramp to help elderly dogs climb into the vehicle, a dog shower and hair dryer system and a clip to keep Fido from roaming all over the car. If the hatchback isn’t luxurious enough - or if you have multiple pooches who like to stretch out - the Dogue also comes with a padded hammock that clips onto the front and rear headrests. Check out this video highlighting some of the Dogue’s keen features.

I can’t image a dog more spoiled than our canine Effie Trinket the shar pei, with her organic food and buddy walks and her many snoozing nooks - but the Dogue takes dog pampering to the next level. If you love to travel with your pup, a pooch paradise like this would be very tempting. Sure, there’s no room for your luggage but isn’t your dog the most precious cargo anyway?

What do you think? Would you consider buying a dog spa on wheels to cater to your beloved pup? Let us know in the comments!