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2 entries from June 2017

A Blast from the Past at Petro-Canada

Recently, a famous DeLorean stopped by one of our Petro-Canada stations. One of our associates snapped a few pics that we thought you'd enjoy.

DeLorean at Petro-Canada - Pic 3

This particular DeLorean is owned by Ken Kapalowski.

DeLorean at Petro-Canada - Pic 4

You can find Ken and more great shots of his DeLorean on his Facebook page. 

DeLorean at Petro-Canada - Pic 5

Do you have a favourite vehicle from the movies or TV? Ever seen it in person? Share your story in the comments!

Rewriting Air Pollution: Ink Derived from Car Emissions


We’ve posted a lot here on PumpTalk about saving on fuel (and by extension, reducing emissions). From cars being made with renewable materials to cool car sharing programs popping up all over Canada, driving green is getting easier. Anything we can do to continue cutting down on air pollution is good - and this innovation from Graviky Labs is another amazing project that aims to do just that.

Graviky Labs has created a device called KAALINK which attaches to a vehicle’s tailpipe and captures up to 95% of the particulate matter that would otherwise spew into the air. Once the device is full, the sooty particles are processed into high quality black carbon ink, called Air-Ink. Forty-five minutes of driving equals one fluid ounce of Air-Ink - enough to fill a standard marker.

Check out this video about Air-Ink and see some of the art being created with it.

Air-Ink is just getting started - and even if the KAALINK device becomes ubiquitous, it won’t be able to turn ALL of the world’s air pollution into ink. Still, traditional black carbon ink is created by burning fossil fuels anyway - Air-Ink not only helps remove particulate matter from vehicle emissions but it would also cut down on the extra pollution it takes to create traditional ink. Definitely a win-win.

The idea of “harvesting” air pollution to make something usable and necessary is pretty inspiring - and the art being created out of Air Ink is also stunning. If you’re interested in knowing more about the project - or in trying out Air Ink yourself - check the project out on Kickstarter.

Would you use ink made from air pollution in your journal or art projects? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.