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New Year = New Cars! Highlights from the 2018 NAIAS

Last month was the 2018 North American Auto Show and folks - the future is sleek. Enhanced safety features! Imaginative headlights! Cars that look like they should be in video games!

After checking out several of the photos from the show, I was left with one overriding question: “When did grilles get so big?”

Check out these 2018 NAIAS highlights from Roadshow, where their editors choose their top production cars of the show:

If you’re more interested in THE FUTURE, here are their top five concept cars as well:

Looking forward to a shiny new ride this year? Be sure to review our post about what questions to ask when buying a new car.

Are you planning on attending any of the Canadian auto shows this season? What 2018 beauty is at the top of your automotive wish list?

- Rose R.