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Three steps for getting your car ready for summer driving season

Summer camping

I know that in Canada, you can't really ever say "Well, I guess that's the last snowfall of the season" - but you can hope. And along with the flowers that May is said to bring, comes the start of driving season! The time is ripe for making plans to head up to the cottage or out to a favourite campground on the first road trip of the season.

Before you get going, take some time to review three key things before fuelling up and hitting the road.

First, perform your summer maintenance on your vehicle. From low tire pressure to frayed windshield wipers to cracked hoses, you'll want to make sure you've taken care to make your vehicle safe. We've got a list of all the components to check and things to do for easy summer driving maintenance. 

Second, check and restock your car's first aid kit. The changing of the seasons is a good excuse to review its contents and make sure nothing is missing or expired. Road trips can be unpredictable; we want you and your passengers to be safe! 

Third, make sure you've packed the essentials. My father always used to complain when I hauled my big duffel bag out to the car. Do you really need 6 stuffed animals?, he would ask. These days, I only take one, but I also pack extra water. Check out our list of essential items for your road trip.

And that's it - you should be ready for the season's first road trip. Where are you heading this long weekend? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.

32 Drives Around the Earth

Trans-Canada Highway

We all know Canada is a big country. A really big country. Especially if you've ever driven across it, or even part of it.

Several years ago, a friend and I drove from Toronto to Vancouver on a Fringe Festival tour. It took 8 days of driving – in a truck with no air conditioning, in the summer - and what we covered was only a small part of Canada. We didn't venture east of Toronto or north of Edmonton.

As we drove our western-bound route, we marvelled not only at the incredible and varied landscapes, but also at the Canadian highway system. We have over 1.3 MILLION km of roads in Canada. That's a lot of kilometres. The earth's circumference is 40,075 km. Driving Canada's entire road system would be 32 trips around the earth. Pretty cool.

Blog fact 1.3 million km of roads

I actually didn't known the extent of our road system until I took this quiz over on the Canadian Fuels Association's website . In addition to fun trivia about Canada's roads and driving, there are also items about our fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Check it out!

Are you planning a big road trip this summer? What's the longest drive you've taken across Canada?

- Rose R.