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Trans-Canada Highway

We all know Canada is a big country. A really big country. Especially if you've ever driven across it, or even part of it.

Several years ago, a friend and I drove from Toronto to Vancouver on a Fringe Festival tour. It took 8 days of driving – in a truck with no air conditioning, in the summer - and what we covered was only a small part of Canada. We didn't venture east of Toronto or north of Edmonton.

As we drove our western-bound route, we marvelled not only at the incredible and varied landscapes, but also at the Canadian highway system. We have over 1.3 MILLION km of roads in Canada. That's a lot of kilometres. The earth's circumference is 40,075 km. Driving Canada's entire road system would be 32 trips around the earth. Pretty cool.

Blog fact 1.3 million km of roads

I actually didn't known the extent of our road system until I took this quiz over on the Canadian Fuels Association's website . In addition to fun trivia about Canada's roads and driving, there are also items about our fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Check it out!

Are you planning a big road trip this summer? What's the longest drive you've taken across Canada?

- Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

What could be better than driving across this great country from Fringe Festival to Fringe Festival. I especially love the Fringe in Edmonton...favorite show is Anne and Diana Were Totally Doing It!

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