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Petro-Canada gas pump

It’s funny how we get set in our ways and have a hard time with change, even if that change is for the better. Recently, my local grocery store re-arranged their aisles and it took me a few weeks to adapt. Initially, I couldn’t find my usual items and I felt like I spent twice as much time shopping. But after the re-arrangement, they were able to add a lot of new products, an enhanced deli and a fancy smoothie bar. So short-term uncomfortable change for a longer-term benefit – and delicious smoothies.

Today, a change is coming for our guests in Alberta that has a big long-term benefit: the safety of our associates. Alberta’s pre-pay legislation for retail fuel outlets and convenience stores is taking effect, requiring customers to pre-pay for fuel purchases in one of the following ways:

  • paying at the pump
  • paying the attendant before fuelling

If you pre-pay by credit or debit, the sale will be adjusted automatically if you require less fuel. The final amount will be reflected on the printed receipt you receive at the pump.

Likewise, if you pre-pay the attendant with cash or a gift card, and don’t fill-up the entire amount, you will need to go back into the store for a refund, though you will receive a receipt for the final amount at the pump.

We’ve had this type of legislation in place for a while here in British Columbia. It took a bit to get used to, but now it’s become part of my fuel pumping routine: for days when I’m short on time, I pay at the pump; for days when I feel like a coffee and a bit of a chat, I head inside to say hello to Prashad, the GSA at the Petro-Canada closest to my house, and pre-pay there.

More information about this legislation can be found on the Government of Alberta website. We know that pre-payment is a change for some of our Alberta customers and we appreciate your support as we comply with this legislation.

- Rose R.


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