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Updating our Look – Live by the Leaf

My deep-set reluctance to go to the hair salon started at a young age. I hated getting my hair cut. As I grew older, my stubbornness increased. Forty years after my first trip to the hair salon, if you look back through pictures, I essentially have had the same hair style my entire life – aside from a culturally mandated Farrah-flip from the seventies.

We take a slightly similar attitude towards our look here at Petro-Canada. We’re proud to serve more than 900,000 Canadians every day, through more than 1,790 retail and wholesale locations across the country – from the largest cities to the smallest communities. And we know that they (YOU!) count on consistency from your fuel provider. We don’t go changin’ without a lot of consideration.

But after forty years, we thought it was time for an update. By now, you’ve probably seen our new ‘Live by the Leaf’ and ‘Fièrement d’ici’ signage at our stations. The updated look and motto are so much more than just a new tagline. ‘Live by the Leaf’ and ‘Fièrement d’ici’ reflect our deep commitment to and love of this country; and the values we all share as Canadians.

As ‘Live by the Leaf’/‘Fièrement d’ici’ evolves, it will tell the stories of real people – customers, associates, partners and employees alike. You can see some of that already in social media and on our website. On our Facebook page, we’ve had hundreds of Canadians share their stories and their ‘Live by the Leaf’ moments. You can see some of those, along with other stories, on our website. We invite you to stop by! You’ll see that we all share more than a country; we share a way to live.

- Rose R.


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