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New year, new website! gets a makeover

I am constantly whipping out my phone: to check an address, to look up who starred in that weird TV series from my youth, to find out the hours my massage therapist is open ... you name it; I've looked it up on my phone. And it is super-frustrating when websites don't work on your phone. Or, they show up like they do on desktops and you have to do the old two-finger pinch 'n spread to try to read anything.

Yeah, you know what I mean. The site is like that.

Oh .. wait! No, it isn't! Not anymore, gang!


We have launched a new version of our website. And it's not just pretty pictures and marketing speak. We built it in collaboration with several key customer groups and it has a lot of things that you've been asking for:

  • usable on any device (mobile, tablet, desktop - it works!)
  • more efficient secure self-serve transactions
  • improved station locator, including clearer display of site and car wash hours (when they differ)
  • streamlined navigation for both retail and business customers

Since this redesign wasn't just cosmetic, but a rebuild from the ground up, we have plans to continue to improve delivery of our digital services through 2019.

So when you get a chance, please swing by the new on your device of choice and check out our updated site. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

More than my ice cream dealer: Petro-Canada associates make communities better

My local Petro-Canada station is quite close to where I live in Vancouver - only 3 blocks away. So when I stop by, it's not just to fill up our car. Other visits are prompted by things like: an empty propane tank (running out of propane while hosting a BBQ for your in-laws is not cool), a last minute hostess gift (everyone loves a gift card!) and a late-night craving for ice cream (they stock my favourite brand of pints).

Through all these visits, I have developed a congenial relationship with Harpreet and his family who run this particular station. He's always so friendly and, embarrassingly, knows a little too much about my ice cream preferences. One time when I walked in, he smiled and pointed to the freezer: "Fresh stock of Caramel Cone Explosion!" Oh, Harpreet ... you know me so well.

Harpreet is not unique amongst Petro-Canada's operators. All across Canada, Petro‑Canada associates create a positive impact on the communities where they work and live. A few of their stories are highlighted in the videos below. From growing a four-generation family business to inspiring immigrant women to live their dreams; from supporting a community of long-haul truckers to giving kids in the community a safe place to play – our associates share their amazing stories of expertise, inclusion, safety, and customer experience. We're proud of our associates who #LiveByTheLeaf every day!

Do you know the Petro-Canada team in your community? Share a story in the comments!

- Rose R.

Tell Us Your PumpTalk Ideas for 2019!

Happy New Year, faithful PumpTalk readers! As is the custom at this time of year, I like to make resolutions, including some over here at PumpTalk. We're going to try to be a bit more consistent about posting this year. And we also want to make sure we're posting what YOU want to read.

I've gone through our stats and made a list of what was most popular with you last year. The posts that you read the most in 2018 fall into six categories:

Gas Prices - these are the whole reason this blog exists. No one is surprised these are the most popular.

Fuel Efficiency - these were posts that shared ideas on how you can drive more efficiently and possibly save fuel through your driving practices and upkeep of your vehicle.

Driving and Safety-Related Content - these posts discussed being safe when you drive and protecting others on the road in different circumstances (weather change, time change, holiday time, etc.)

Information about our Stations and Fuels - we shared a variety of content about our stations and our fuels, including how our gas pumps work, whether we still have full service stations and using octane boosters and high octane gasoline.

Newsy Items - this was a bit of a catch-all group of posts, ranging from different Canadian cities' plans for congestion pricing and how much gasoline Canadians use. Posts that our news and data wonks really like to get crunchy with.

Fun Content - ok, I'm not going to lie, these ones are the most fun to write. They had to do with cool road trips to take in Canada or the history of driving in Canada.

For 2019, we'd like to hear from you – so we’re doing a PumpTalk survey! Please take a moment to let us know what you’ve enjoyed reading on PumpTalk this year and weigh in on some ideas we have for future posts. And if you have any topics of your own, please leave them in the suggestion box at the end of the survey. Thanks!