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More than my ice cream dealer: Petro-Canada associates make communities better

My local Petro-Canada station is quite close to where I live in Vancouver - only 3 blocks away. So when I stop by, it's not just to fill up our car. Other visits are prompted by things like: an empty propane tank (running out of propane while hosting a BBQ for your in-laws is not cool), a last minute hostess gift (everyone loves a gift card!) and a late-night craving for ice cream (they stock my favourite brand of pints).

Through all these visits, I have developed a congenial relationship with Harpreet and his family who run this particular station. He's always so friendly and, embarrassingly, knows a little too much about my ice cream preferences. One time when I walked in, he smiled and pointed to the freezer: "Fresh stock of Caramel Cone Explosion!" Oh, Harpreet ... you know me so well.

Harpreet is not unique amongst Petro-Canada's operators. All across Canada, Petro‑Canada associates create a positive impact on the communities where they work and live. A few of their stories are highlighted in the videos below. From growing a four-generation family business to inspiring immigrant women to live their dreams; from supporting a community of long-haul truckers to giving kids in the community a safe place to play – our associates share their amazing stories of expertise, inclusion, safety, and customer experience. We're proud of our associates who #LiveByTheLeaf every day!

Do you know the Petro-Canada team in your community? Share a story in the comments!

- Rose R.


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